Best Apps For watch Movie And Series Anime 2021

Best Apps For watch Movie And Series Anime 2021

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Anime is one of the most famous types of animation that appeared and became famous in Japan at first, before gaining its popularity in the Arab world, European and American countries. Anime is watched by all age groups, not just firefighters. Anime has features that make you want to watch it all the time. Since the anime is very popular, there are many applications for watching anime on Android and iPhone with Arabic subtitles, and some of them are also dubbed. You may find some of the applications specialized in this field, but they are full of ads and do not work very efficiently, so in this article I will show you the best anime watching applications that offer a better viewing experience.

best anime watching apps

Anime Slayer

One of the best anime applications in the Arab world, it is considered as a huge library of anime movies and series with easy viewing and downloading without any subscription. I use it personally and so far I have had a great experience with it. It includes distinguished servers for viewing with Arabic subtitles, as well as dubbing in some of them.

Anime Slayer includes many menus that make it easier for the user to access any anime he wants to watch, as you can choose from the list of the newly added or most liked and rated anime, not to mention the anime genres sections and the add to favorites feature. According to my personal opinion, I consider Anime Slayer the right choice for anyone who wants to watch anime on their Android phone.


A distinctive Arabic anime application that offers you a very large number of anime films and series with Arabic subtitles. You can show the anime by category or release date, in addition to a section for favorites, watch later and what you watched, all of these sections make it easier for the user to browse the application and access the anime you want to watch quickly.


One of the features of the application also is that it shows you a brief idea of ​​the phases of the anime as well as user evaluation, and this makes you take an initial look at what you want to watch. You can also comment about any anime episode and read the comments of others. Unfortunately, the app is limited to Android only. 

Download (Netflix Sv1) : Here 

Download (Animeify) : Here 

Download (Animeslayer) : Here 

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